Desaru Trip

DAY 1: (actually night)
Immediately after we reached Desaru from Singapore,  Mr Tan gave us room keys and we put our luggage in our rooms (and turn on air con also). There was a big space between the chalets and the place we ate so we set up all the equipment there. There were cats.

Joe the living star finder Stargazing 

Using Sterallium to find the different positions of stars and planets in the sky

The rooms are quite big. Air con is very nice but the blanket is small. 
(At night very cold so Jianing took mine ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽ )

Backdoor (left) Bathroom door (right)

DAY 2:
For some reason woke up 5am. Was moving around and washing my face when I accidentally woke Chai Ning up. We sat outside and walked around and played with mreow mreow 
(jianing named the cat). There were a lot of sand flies and mosquitoes and houseflies and cats.

Breakfast was nice. They had sausages and coffee.

Thirsty people filling up water bottle.

We were given a task after breakfast; with any of the tools given, find the cause of a solar eclipse and find out why the orbit of Mars when seen from Earth looks like it is moving irregularly. We also had to try and explain it to our 2 other teachers.
Group explanation of Mars Orbit.

Chen Ning( Blue shirt) represents Earth, Kang Zhe (orange shirt) represents then sun and Lucas
( red shirt) represents Mars.

Trying to get the solar scope to work.
After that, we went to the teacher's room to watch interstellar. Had a bit of trouble trying to get it to work. Watched halfway and had light snack before getting a 2 hour rest.

Watching interstaellar in nice cold room

mreow mreow sleeping at the door

Break time~

Group photo in playground when walking to seaside (no one was blocked probably)
cat followed us to the playground

The swing is fun ( There was an ant on Lucas I didn't tell him)

Jianing on swing. Lucas is hanging by rope in the background. I got bitten by sandflies.

Setting up of equipment 

Dinner has green peas and ring cut onions. I don't like﹒︣︿﹒︣
(thats why the face)

More stargazing~ we continued with our half watched interstellar movie.
Movie stuff: we discussed about what faults the movie made, why are some of the things is as it is in the movie etc.

DAY 3 (last day):
Slept at 3a.m. wake up at 7.30. After eating breakfast we packed up and kept the equiptment and threw away the rubbish. Before the mini van came we took a group photo.

The chalet

Jianing choked on her coffee

Group photo

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