Mersing Astronomy Trip 11~13 March 2016

Reached Mersing, Malaysia at around 1.30am. Lie down on the floor in the middle of car park behind the bus, and identified different constellations in the sky.

In the carpark: no lights

Afternoon: brought out the solar scopes for observation of the sun, took a while to figure out how it worked. It was also quite cloudy and windy, so cloud keeps covering up the sun.

The sun as seen through a white filter. partially covered with clouds

Observing the sun.

waiting for clouds to go away.

At night: Goes into carpark again. Trying to observe crescent moon but clouds keep blocking

Planet Jupiter nearing zenith with a with some of its moons

Orion nebula, cloudy around the edges, only seen trough telescope, unable to be seen through phone camera.

Going home :)

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