Rocket activity

Fuel: Vinegar + baking soda powder

-  Plastic carbonated drink bottle 
   (used normal plastic bottles instead)

- rubber stopper
  (borrowed from lab)

- cardboard 
  (scavenged from different parts of the school)

- scissors/ penknife

- tissue 
  (used toilet paper instead as we forgot to bring)

- duct tape 

- plastic bag (optional)

- string (we used raffia string)

- time

1.  Design and make the rocket with the bottles and cardboard
2. make a parachute with plastic bag and string
3. pour vinegar into rocket
4. wrap a small handful of baking soda into tissue (recommend wrap 3 rounds)
5. squeeze tissue with baking soda into bottle 
6. quickly plug the mouth of the bottle tightly and set bottle down upright
7. run away and pray that you will not be splashed
8. watch the rocket fly
9. clean up the place


Anywhere that is easy to clean,  open space, high ceiling/ no ceiling 
and receive permission first

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